Environmental Resume

Edward I. Ellsworth

I have worked primarily as an Independent Consultant, mostly working in nonprofit and service areas.  I do a lot of creative and technical work, but I am often called in for business consulting to help manage a company when things change quickly. I have had an ongoing attraction to the ocean and the environment. One of the blessings of my life here, is that I get to look out on the San Francisco Bay every day.

Recent companies I have helped: Sunrise Center is an educational nonprofit organization in Corte Madera and Tiburon, California; and Maui, Hawaii. – I have managed their websites and marketing of their Maui Farm Retreat. I helped this organization with problems with their bookkeeper who started a lawsuit against them and would not give  information and passwords. I have also worked a lot with the lawyers and property managers with a lot of the land disputes in Tiburon. I am part of Save Our Bay Save Our Ocean, a project of Sunrise Center partnered with Sea Stewards. We are a coalition that is working to preserve the eel grass and herring fisheries areas here in the bay. I am one of the leaders of their San Francisco Bay Harbor Porpoise boat trips. I used to be on the Board of Directors of this 501(c)3 organization.International Medcom is a company that makes geiger counters (radiation detectors) in Sebastopol. – When the Fukushima disaster happened, I was working with GreenAction Japan to create a petition server to let the international community tell the Japanese government know how they felt about this environmental disaster. International Medcom’s Chief Operating Officer had an emotional melt-down, due to all the stress. I was hired to come in and reset the company. I moved it to a new location, set up entirely new systems and was able to ship three million dollars worth of geiger counters to Japan. Medcom also helped install a radiation detection network throughout Japan called SafeCast. I had previously worked with the President of the company Dan Sythe, on the Chernobyl disaster. We put a radiation detection network around the nuclear power plant (about 26 years ago).Environmental and nonprofit work:

The Dolphin Network operated as a project of Washington Research Institute. I published a newsletter on dolphin captivity issues and the dolphin tuna net problems. I led dolphin trips in the Bahamas for the Institute of Noetic Sciences to educate people that dolphins should be free. I have been an invited speaker for the Mensa Society, the Oakland Museum, Conscious Life Expo and many other places.

I worked with EarthTrust on Maui as a humpback whale naturalist. I went out on the boats and gave a talk about humpback whale behaviors. I also worked in the hotels and schools doing educational presentations. I received my humpback whale certification through the course that the Pacific Whale Foundation did with the Maui College.

When I was part of the Human/Dolphin Foundation, with Dr. John Lilly, I helped create the permit process system with National Marine Fisheries and the Marine Mammal Commission to let dolphins go. Our group was the first to model release of dolphins from captivity. I was featured for this work in For The Love of Dolphins, on the Discovery Channel.

I am on the board of Chaksampa, a Tibetan dance and opera company.

Clients have included:

NASA, National Geographic Society, International Forum on Globalization, United Nations Association, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Presidio Alliance, Resource Renewal Institute, 3220, Washington Research Institute, H. S. Dakin Company, Spirit At Work, WhaleSong, International MedCom, Oceanic Society, Earthviews Productions, Animal Fund, Odysee TV, Peter Wallerstein Photography, Sunrise Center, Concentric Media, Magnetic Image, Digit, Royal Weddings, California Video, Global Peace Foundation, Fiske Video, Smart Life Forums, Voice of the Environment, Kahua Hawaiian Institute, Margot Anand Productions, Sound Photosynthesis, Video Tracs, PlanetWorks, EarthDance, Bioneers, PC Staffing (Marin Country Day School), and others.

1980 – 84 San Francisco State University
(Masters Program, Research Psychology)
1972 – 79 California State University, Long Beach
(BA Psychology, double major in Folklore/Mythology)
1974 – 76 Cypress College
(Associate Science, Psychiatric Technician Certification)