New Media Creation

The Dolphin Trail is a new creation title I came up with to describe the path I see blazed by our animal totem, the dolphin. Conscious and compassionate people in the last fifty years or so have had a resurgence of interest in dolphins. First we saw shows like Flipper on television, that exposed us to the charm of dolphins interacting with humans.

We became aware that fisherman were killing dolphins in tuna nets, through the efforts of Earth Island Institute, EarthTrust, GreenPeace, The Dolphin Network and others. Efforts were made to educate the public that the process of fishermen “setting on dolphins”, to net the tuna was killing a huge number of dolphins.

Then, there were exciting attempts at human and dolphin communication, like Project JANUS. This project was started by Dr. John C. Lilly and the Human/Dolphin Foundation to be able to talk to the dolphins. I was a researcher on this project, and then worked to release the dolphins back to the wild.

Recently, we were reminded of dolphin deaths, though the visuals and story told in The Cove. Thanks to the efforts of Ric O’Barry and many environmentalists, dolphins are no longer being killed at Taji Cove in Japan.

The image of dolphins swimming together in pods has attracted a following of people that resonate with that sense of community. In the past, I have called it the Dolphin Community Network, then The Dolphin Network and Dolphin Net, and now I describe it as The Dolphin Trail. I am publishing The Dolphin Trail book as a series of articles on my website. I will be requesting interaction with you through comments, the forum, or personal transformative stories from you and others, which may be used in publication.

I will use this website as a container to build the creation of this series of products. I see The Dolphin Trail as a book, an app on iPad, and a film and video. Thank you in advance for your support in this endeavor.

Legal disclaimer: All rights are reserved to the ownership, name and use of The Dolphin Trail and, created by Edward Ellsworth. Copyright © 2009-2010 The Dolphin Trail, by Edward Ellsworth.