Dr. John C. Lilly

A tribute was held for Dr. John C. Lilly. It was called the Gilding the Lilly event.

April 26 – 30, 2000 The Gilding the Lilly Event was held to honor Dr. John C. Lilly’s work at 3220 Gallery. The program was also webcast from the third floor of 3220 and archived for availability later.

Guilding the Lilly . . . a tribute to Dr. John C. Lilly was coordinated by Faustin Bray, of Sound Photosynthesis.

Ed Ellsworth: Presenter

“You are cordially invited to attend Gilding the Lilly, a Symposium honoring the life and work of John C. Lilly, MD: a virtual reality program, broadcast from a well-equipped studio in San Francisco and beamed to you through the web. This streaming video and audio is an experiment, so please be patient if you experience an interruption of signal. You are also welcome to join us in the viewing gallery at 3228 Sacramento Street, San Francisco (no charge).

We, the crew from International Space Sciences Organization, Sound Photosynthesis, Samadhi Tank Co., 3220, and Association for Cultural Evolution, are collaborating to create an environment that enables the largest possible audience in time and space to participate, contribute and interact with Dr. Lilly in his 85th year. He will be on site at 3220 Sacramento in San Francisco, but he won’t be a presenter, rather the honored guest. The presenters will be those who have worked intimately with him and/or his ideas in subjects such as: Interspecies Communication, Cultural Evolution, Computers, Patanjali, Cetaceans, Isolation Tanks, Water Birthing, and more . . .

In addition to the broadcasting, there will be a site next door with a video projector to view the broadcasts for those of you who would like to drop in. There will also be a film screening one evening.”

Dinner with John. Saturday night, 6 pm, April 29. RSVP to Hummux (415) 409-3220 to join Dr. Lilly for dinner in San Francisco, and other to-be-announced events.

The dates, opening April 26 and closing April 30. Exact broadcast hours to be announced. We would like you to join us.

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