Ric O’Barry and Ben Stiller on Larry King

sjdcLogoSmallIn Taiji, Japan, your efforts have kept the dolphin killers largely in check. Fishermen have held off on the killing one of the four species they’ve usually hunted – bottlenose dolphins, at least for now.

In fact, the Save Japan Dolphins team filmed the release of about 70 bottlenose dolphins – an unprecedented action by Taiji’s fishermen – as media covered Ric O’Barry’s return to Taiji, Japan.

We’re exposing the danger of mercury in dolphin meat and Japan’s media has begun to report that people who eat dolphin meat get doses of mercury far higher than the safety levels set by Japanese health authorities. Japan’s government can no longer hide the dolphin killing!

Your contribution to the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition will help fund screenings of the Japanese-language version of The Cove. This film has garnered rave reviews worldwide. Audiences often give The Cove a standing ovation. With your support, we’ll screen The Cove for Japanese audiences big and small. When more Japanese citizens see The Cove, we know they’ll be outraged and will put an end to this atrocity.

P.S. Check out Ric O’Barry and campaign activist Ben Stiller’s great appearance on Larry King Live!

Save Japan Dolphins Coalition: Earth Island Institute, Animal Welfare Institute, Elsa Nature Conservancy of Japan, In Defense of Animals, Campaign Whale of the UK, and OceanCare of Switzerland www.SaveJapanDolphins.org

coveCoverSmallThe incredible documentary The Cove ($26.99 value); an advance copy of the Winter 2010 issue of the award-winning Earth Island Journal, featuring Ric O’Barry and the story behind The Cove ($5 value); a year’s subscription (4 issues) to Earth Island Journal ($25 value); and free shipping and handling. Save Japan Dolphins

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