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Konnichiwa! (Good Afternoon!) – Report from Michael Bailey, in Japan

As several have enquired regarding the status of the campaign and program in Japan, one may see the following online TV news stories and info. Within 24 hours of our screening of The Cove movie at the Tokyo International Film festival, a Google search revealed over 950 TV, print and radio news reports, in some 50+ countries.


Film on the Dolphin Hunt Stirs Outrage in Japan New York Times

The CNN story about The Cove’s being screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) describes the challenges we faced at getting news media into the theater for the one and only screening. As the TIFF organization attempted to stop media from entering, we resorted to some bizarre techniques to get cameras and news media people into the theater. Yours truly served as media and program coordinator for The Cove at the event and subsequent press conference. 😉

Also, Al Jazeera TV News has provided an in-depth investigation. The channel is received in over 30 countries and has an audience in the tens of millions.

Lastly, coming to a TV screen near you – Bizarre Viral Blessings 101: The Taiji dolphin slaughter breaks out from the enviro news columns into wild pop culture…

South Park – Episode 1311: Whale Whores

“Things turn bloody when the Japanese attack the Denver Aquarium…”

Premieres on Comedy Central 10.28.09 at 10p/9c

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