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Site producer Ed Ellsworth shares what we can learn from dolphins. He is experienced with captive and wild dolphins. and with whales in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. He was a Dolphin Researcher with Dr. John C. Lilly and the Human/Dolphin Foundation, in California. He was a Humpback Whale Naturalist with EarthTrust, narrating whale watching trips in Maui. He has led dolphin trips and workshops in the Bahamas for the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Ed founded The Dolphin Network, and published Dolphin Net, an educational newsletter, publicizing the plight of captive dolphins and campaigns about dolphins dying in tuna nets. He also led dolphin trips and workshops in the Florida Keys, Bahamas and Hawaii.

Ed has given public talks about evolution, communication, brain anatomy, physiology and mythology talks with stories from The Dolphin Trail at the Oakland Museum, 3220 Gallery, the San Francisco Mensa Society, San Francisco Tesla Society, Sunrise Center, Esalen, Harbin Hot Springs Watsu Center, in California; Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon, and several cities in Florida on the circuit from Sarasota to Palm Beach to Key West. He led humpback whale trips, and gave public presentations in Hawaii with EarthTrust.

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